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over 30 years of leak testing

Uson Raptor

Uson Raptor
Uson Raptor

The Raptor calls to mind Uson’s foundation, when we were establishing what would become the leak testing industry. When we addressed pressure decay like no one prior, developing the leak tester of the times. But Raptor isn’t just any tester. It’s not “old school.” Not by a long shot. We’ve taken 50 years of experience, innovation and leadership and distilled it all into a single-channel tester armed with a beautiful color touch-screen interface and an independent HMI utilizing Bluetooth, all configured smartly in a compact footprint.

The Raptor may seem like a simple thing. It even sounds simple: single-channel leak tester. On this very website, you can find extremely versatile, highly configurable leak testers and leak testing systems, the industry’s finest technology, that have helped reduce recalls and increase efficiencies for a wide array of product manufacturers all over the world.

So what’s so special about a small, single-channel, pressure decay device? Well, everything, actually.

Single-Channel Superiority

First of all, it’s a Uson leak tester, which means it has 50 years of experience, innovation and leadership engineered into the most fundamental of machines. It has a small footprint for convenience, but it makes a massive impression. The Raptor includes an update to our core test pneumatics. This version of the rugged duty, long-life Stallion Manifold block helps us reduce the overall footprint of Raptor while maintaining a 50,000,000-cycle lifespan.

Easy Interface with Smart Visual Cues

Raptor utilizes an ARM processor and a Unix-based operating system with a color, touch-screen interface. The screen provides the user visual cues, showing program execution information for:

  • Step count down timers
  • Pressure plot
  • Step results
  • Coupling outputs
  • Current test pressure

The Uson App

Raptor pairs with both Google Android(TM) and Apple iOS(TM) smart phones and tablets. With its smart, revolutionary interface and Bluetooth technology, the Raptor sets a new standard by which all future testers will be measured, making it the latest in a long line of Uson firsts.

We raised the bar. Again.

The Uson’s firsts continue thanks to the Uson App and Bluetooth technology. Not only does this allow you to quickly and easily set up and tune your Raptor leak tester, you can monitor its activity without having to stand over it or the person at that station.

Some Industries its used in: Industrial, packaging, medical, automotive

Max Channels-Design1
Channel operating modeSynchronous
Max Decision Sensors / Tester1
Max Sensors / Channel1
A/D resolution (bits)24
Maximum 24V DC discrete digital inputs / tester8
Discrete digital inputs / channel8
Valve Control signals / tester2 internal 5 external for valve control
Maximum discrete digital outputs / tester5
Discrete digital outputs / channel5
Digital I/O Voltage Level24 vdc
RS-232 / RS-485 ports / channel
Host USB 2.0 ports. 1
RJ 45 Ethernet ports. 1
Logging to a networked disk
Size (H*W*D) Inches5.25″ H X 7.75″ W X 13″ D
Weight lbs10.5
Color Display size4.3″
Color Display pixels480 x 272
Touch screen display
Front panel start/abort buttons
Integrated pneumatics
Test Ports1
Calibration PortsCombined with Test Ports
Test port style1/8 NPT Female
Pendant Style Remote Control
Pressure Decay with optional comp & optional cal from vacuum to 150 psimax = 150PSI
Vacuum decay
Real time clock
Program select via Digital Inputs
Start / Abort via Digital inputs
Configurable Pressure Units: psig mbar inH2O mmH2O inHg mmHg Kpa or Kg/cm2
Pressure versus time plot
Operating System SoftwareEmbedded Unix Based
Password protection
Addressable Programs10
Internal Test Result storage (test cycles)5000
Sensor CalibrationSoftware zero & span.


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