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Qualipak 770 Flexible Package Chamber

Qualipak 770 Flexible Package Chamber
Qualipak 770 Flexible Package Chamber

Uson has developed a new test chamber designed to support force decay test for use on benchtops or mounted into automated systems.

This new flexible package chamber measures leaks in packaged products, using the principle of force decay. The package sample is placed on an infill, on top of a load cell, then sandwiched between the infill and tope plate. The lid is closed and secured. A vacuum is applied causing the package to expand due to any gases remaining in the package. This expansion creates a force on the load cell. Once the set vacuum or force level is reached, the chamber is isolated, the pack allowed to stabilize and any force change is detected with a sensitive load cell transducer. Any significant change in force decay is indicative of a leak. No significant change in force indicates a good package seal.

List of major benefits to customer

  • Small bench footprint; the electronics and pneumatics unit can be located away from chamber
  • Can accommodate many different sizes of packages
  • Can be connected to an Uson Qualitek mR for single devices or an Uson Optima vT for 2 to 4 simultaneous tests, giving the customer lots of flexibility, data logging, printout, graphs, traceability
  • Simple operation Load, Start, pass/fail, unload, and repeat
  • Easy to scale up from R&D, to production, and mass production. (seven cavity custom chamber)
  • Can detect hole size down to 5 microns depending on pack type.
  • Also can be used for testing foil trays.

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