We know leak testing machines, if you don't know what machine to specify please contact our engineers for advice. We have over 30 years of experience.
over 30 years of leak testing

AI Industrial

We are the sole Australian agents for Uson and we have been in business for more than 30 years. We have manufactured some machines locally to meet specific needs, and we wish to continue. Other locally built equipment is special tooling to go with the testers.

Leak Testing its what we do

  • We sell machines and services like complete solutions for example a leak tester and a jig or whatever is necessary to test the item. This can be something simple or a fully automatic solution.
  • Make testing machines here for some applications such as the gas industry where we sell the Q614nd.
  • Supply specific leak test packages eg. Coolon Lights were we had to supply a tester and a tooling to cope with environmental conditions.
  • Design solutions such as enclosures for computer screens that Sydney Rail use on platforms

Sydney Railways

We built environmental testing tools for fitting in the enclosures on Sydney Railways.

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Simple to use leak detectors

We offer a wide range of leak testers for different industries and applications. We are Usons sole distributor in Australia and have plenty of experience with Australian regulations and industrial conditions. So we can help you arrive at a suitable leak testing solution.

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Industrial Solutions

We supplied a system for Coolon lights where we had to supply a tester and tooling to cope with tough environmental conditions.

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